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Visitor Train Cityliner

Especially designed and developed as Visitor Train in factorys and for passenger transport on places with only narrow roads, the Cityliner stands out for its excellent maneuverability, and its futuristic design. But also as flight passenger shuttle on airports and for inner city transportation our visitor trains are a perfect solution.

Thanks to its 4-wheel drive and a width of only 180 cm, even narrow curves, such as those in the inner-city areas, at the fairs or factory tours, pose no problems at all. Optionally available with an emission-free 75 kW electric motor and a cruising range of 100 km with one battery load, or an eco-friendly EURO 5 Common Rail Diesel Motor. For the manufacturing of each Cityliner we commit ourselves to the customer’s special requirements, so that the vehicle meets the optimal conditions for its place of operation. This includes also numerous optional features and customizations.





Der Cityliner


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