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Coach equipment

Solar panels: (For STS E-locomotive)

The roofs of the coaches are equipped with photovoltaic panels and the gained electricity flows in the battery supply system of the vehicle.


Billboards + Lighting:

All coaches can be provided with billboards on the roof. They are fixed on both sides (left and right) of the roof! Depending on the length of the coaches, the available advertising place is 400-560 cm long and 30 cm high.
The billboards can also be equipped with our fun lighting, upon request.

Werbetafeln mit Beleuchtung

Transparent polycarbonate roof:

This roof variant is transparent, offering a wonderful upward view, as well.


Zinc-coated chassis:

We recommend leaving the coach chassis zinc-coated. This is the only efficient long-term protection against rust.

Verzinktes Fahrgestell

Spare wheel:

Upon request, we can equip coaches with a spare wheel.

Interior lighting in coaches:

There are 4 lights per coach installed in the roof lining!

Innenbeleuchtung Anhaenger

Roof with panorama glazing:

Two panorama glass windows are installed in each coach.


Heating system for the coaches:

All coaches can be equipped with a Webasto heating system.
The heating units in each coach generate pleasant warmth, especially in the cold winter months.

Webasto heizung

Monitoring System:

To protect your passengers we offer a monitoring system to oversee every coach. Each trailer is equipped with a camera and the main screen is located directly in front of the driver in the viewing area of ​​the windshield.


Spare tire with fastening:

Each coach can be equipped with spare tires.

Weatherproof PVC cover:

The coaches can be equipped with a removable transparent PVC cover.
The PVC cover system is highly appreciated by our customers, as it can be assembled in 5 minutes and provides valuable protection for your passengers, especially in bad-weather, rainy and windy days! The PVC cover can be left assembled permanently, as well, as the tarps can be rolled up and fastened at every door. There are zips on all doors!

PVC Verkleidung 2

Translucent roof:

This roof variant is not transparent but translucent, i.e. allows light to get into the coach.

Lichtdurchlaessiges Dach

Wheelchair ramp:

The ramp is counter-sunk in the chassis and may be taken out only if needed.
An extendable bench is installed at the provided wheelchair place.
The main advantage of our system is that you lose no valuable seats, if you do not have any physically challenged passengers on board.
If the place for disabled persons is needed, the bench must be simply pushed in and the place is free!

Behinderten 2

Ski rack:

Our ski racks are an important asset for our customers in the ski regions.
In order to avoid damages in the coaches and for place sparing purposes, we recommend our ski racks which are mounted at the back of the coach and provide sufficient room!
The basket however is also used by many of our clients to carry baby strollers.

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