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The coaches are built on a chassis with a 4-wheel drive, which makes trips on narrow paths possible in the first place.

Thus, the Cityliner, in spite of its length with more coaches, faces no obstacles in taking tight curves and especially in traveling as a visitors’ train on narrow production streets such as those in car factories or on exhibition streets at a fair.

For example, 3 standard coaches provide 45 seats and a standing space for approx. 20 persons. However, the number of seats and their arrangement can be established by the client.

The coach glazing is made of safety glass according to the current standards. Opening windows can also be integrated in the glass, upon request. Optionally, the coaches can be equipped with an air-conditioning system.

Each coach has an automatic door that can be opened and closed from the inside, the outside or from the locomotive.

Under the Extra Equipment section you can find many other optional features that come along with the Cityliner.

Der Cityliner
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