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The Air rail system serves the transportation of passengers and goods in the local public transport.

Individual units, similar to a bus for six to eight persons, will transport your passengers on a narrow rail track fully automatically, to a preselected destination on the route.

Electric drive 

Each unit is furnished with electric motors supplied by lithium batteries with 40 kilowatt-hour energy storage. It is therefore possible to reach velocities of up to 80 km/h and to travel on slopes up to 55%.

Demand-oriented and individual

The advantage of the air rail is obvious: as opposed to a tram, with this demand-oriented and individual system, your passenger travels to the destination in his/her own vehicle, without any stopovers. At maximum capacity, an ARS system transports up to 2500 persons per hour and direction. However, at flexible times or in the night only the actually required number of vehicles will travel.

The Coaster is eco-friendly and low-noise, similar to an electric car. With a maximum curve radius of six meters and an enormous climbing power, the Air rail system is extremely versatile.

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