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Funtrain Electric

Fun train ZERO Emission

As a train manufacturer in Austria, we offer you a state-of-the-art electric power system which also provides sufficient performance and capacity, and all these emission-free!

Equipped with a 160 kW electric motor, lithium batteries, range: until 200km (*only in combination with fast charging System), the days when the use of electric fun trains was limited are gone.

The locomotive is equipped as standard with a CHAdeMO fast charging system up to 100 KW with which you can recharge the batteries in up to 30 minutes. At each fast charging station, you can charge the locomotive with the Chademo plugs.

Furthermore, the locomotive has an energy recovery, distance warning, traffic sign recognition, intelligent fatigue detection, mountain start assist, emergency braking assistant with pedestrian detection and an energy-saving ECO drive version. Furthermore, the locomotive is equipped with a heat pump to reduce energy consumption and increase the ranges in real everyday operation.

However, the most important thing for any customer, they can have their service carried out at any Nissan representative and have also ensured their spare parts supply for the locomotive at every Nissan representative.

After several years of operation, they can also have the battery replaced at any Nissan representative. This ensures a 100% service on site for the customer at a Nissan representative.


160 kw Electric motor Lithium battery until 200 km (*only with fast charging system) range


Nissan Zero Emission
Drive Electric motor with lithium batteries
kW 160kW
Range: until 200km (*only in combination with fast charging system)
Length 4.200m
Width 1.800m
height 2.550m
Wheelbase 2.430m
Turning cicle 12m
Batteries Laminierte Lithium-Ionen-Batterien
Energy recovery at foot off the gas when braking
Charging 380V – 50kW – 30min (fast charging) or 220V – 3kW – 6-8h
Basic fittings  
Electrical System: 12V
breaks: Hydraulic, with air support
Water cooling:
Power Steering:
Seats in the cab: 1-2
Windshield glass:
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Funtrain 163
Funtrain 190
Funtrain 204
Funtrain 286
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