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The STS Mall Train

Narrow, maneuverable, electric drive and always in season… these are only a few of the many reasons that plead for the Mall Train. This applies especially in the case of shopping malls or parks, where the space for such vehicles is very limited.

. There is, though, beside these important qualifications another crucial factor: the possibility of its usage throughout the year, without end of season, just as we know in the case of the conventional tourist trains in summer. This way the STS Mall Train can be used throughout the year, without any constraints.
The standard range of the emission-free, 1,1 kW electric motor is between 25-30 km. With another battery pack the range can be extended to up to 60 km.

For outdoor operation we offer a 13 kW locomotive that can carry 6 coaches and 42 children. The standard 13 kW locomotive model has a 60 km range, is suitable for driving on grassland or gravel roads, and can even manage slopes.

STS Mall Train

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