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Locomotive equipment

Innenbeleuchtung Fahrerhaus:

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Monitoring system:

In order to offer an improved monitoring of the events in the coaches, especially in terms of passenger safety, the installed monitoring system provides an immediate insight in all individual coaches! Each coach is equipped with a camera and the central display is located directly at the driver, in the visible area on the windscreen.


Loudspeaker system with microphone + locomotive noises:

With our loudspeaker system you can make announcements over the microphone, which are heard in each coach via 2 loudspeakers. Additionally, music can be played with the locomotive radio. The system is also provided with 4 different steam locomotive sounds which can be heard outside the locomotive, upon the actuation.

Yellow rotating light:

A roof rotating light is mandated by law most EU countries


Electrical side mirror:

12v, adjustable in all directions


Fun lighting:

All-round lighting in different colors for the locomotive



Radio system consisting of a radio with FM/AM/MW receiver and CD player
Output via 2 loudspeakers
AUX / IPOD connection upon request


Seat heating:

Available for all locomotives. Offers comfortable heat in winter months


Four-wheel drive:

Each locomotive can be equipped with permanent or part-time four-wheel drive.
This is essential in case of bad roads and slopes.


Tinted windows:

Protection against strong sunlight


Retrofitting for gas drive:

Gas is available at gas stations in many countries, so it is a preferred option by our customers!


2-language CD information system

This system can be used for tourist information, i.e. in order to provide them with route descriptions, explanations regarding places of interest, etc.
Thanks to this system, you can e.g. inform the guests in the first coach in English and the ones in the second coach in German. This system can only be used in connection with our loudspeaker option.

All-round glazing of the driver’s cab:

Highly recommended outside the summer months.
It consists of 4 side windows, front and rear window.
Made of security glass.


Heating in driver’s cab:

Heating system for warm air, adjustable in 3-5 steps, depending on the model.


Air brake system:

The locomotives are equipped with WABCO air brake systems. A special control system regulates the braking behavior of the coaches.


Telma brake:

Available only for the NISSAN Navara. It is a durable eddy current brake which applies the brake using the eddy current losses of metal disks moved in the magnetic fields.
In France, the Telma brake is required for the registration.


Air-conditioning system:

Available for all models. Recommended especially for summer months in hot regions.
For this, however, the locomotive must be completely glazed.

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