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Funtrain Electric

Fun train ZERO Emission

As a unique train manufacturer, we offer you a state-of-the-art electric power system which also provides sufficient performance and capacity, and all these emission-free!

Equipped with a 160 kW electric motor, lithium batteries, range: until 200km (*only in combination with fast charging System), the days when the use of electric fun trains was limited are gone.

Especially for nature reserves and CO2-free cities, our coaches also come equipped with solar panels.


160 kw Electric motor Lithium battery until 200 km (*only with fast charging system) range


Nissan Zero Emission
Drive Electric motor with lithium batteries
kW 160kW
Range: until 200km (*only in combination with fast charging system)
length 4.200m
width 1.800m
height 2.550m
Wheelbase 2.430m
Turning cicle 12m
Batteries Laminierte Lithium-Ionen-Batterien
Energy recovery at foot off the gas when braking
Charging 380V – 50kW – 30min (fast charging) or 220V – 3kW – 6-8h
Basic fittings  
Electrical System: 12V
breaks: Hydraulic, with air support
Water cooling:
Power Steering:
Seats in the cab: 1-2
Windshield glass:
Funtrain 102
Funtrain Eletric
Funtrain 190X
Funtrain 190
Funtrain 163
Funtrain 422
Funtrain 286
Funtrain 258X