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Automatic doors

Entry and exit doors are fully automatic and can be opened both from the inside and from the outside.


Multimedia System

Each seat is equipped with a monitor in order to be able to display movies and other contents.

Funbus STS


Upon request, the whole bus can be provided with a heating system in order to guarantee a warm and pleasant trip for your passengers during winter months as well.

Heating of sts funtrain

Electrical roof

The electrical top can be opened and closed over the entire length, at the push of a button.

funbus of sts

Rear emergency exit

Legally required in many countries and also provided for our fun bus as a special safety feature, at the back of the vehicle.

STS Funbus equipment

Safety belts

All seats have 3-point safety belts

Funbus of STS open

Loudspeaker radio

Loudspeakers at each row of seats for announcements and music


PVC tarp

The PVC left and right tarp protects passengers against wind and bad weather. It can be drawn in and out with little effort and it is transparent.

Funbus of STS with opened roof

Storage compartment

There is a storage compartment at the back of the fun bus.

Funbus of STS

Der Funbus


Technical data